Last Updated Oct.15,2005

Due to overwhelming requests from our loyal clients, we have created a list of recommended Montreal restaurants in the downtown  vicinity. Please note, this list consists of three catagories: 1) MONTREAL'S PREMIERE RESTAURANTS - what we believe are exceptional restaurants.  2) MONTREAL'S TRENDIEST / CONTEMPORARY RESTAURANTS - what we believe are the most popular hotspot restaurants in the city. 3) LOCAL CASUAL FAVOURITES - which are good value casual restaurants, which cater to the  locals as well as tourists. Please note that VIP Pro Tours Inc. has no business affiliation with any of the establishments mentioned below. This list will be updated perdiocally and if any establishment does not live up to our standards - we will remove it from our list. We have recommended many of the below establishments in the past and our response was always favourable.  The sole purpose of this list, is to enhance our client's experience in Montreal. Please click on the establishment you want learn more about.

Moishes Steakhouse
Milos    (Seafood, Greek)
Caprices de Nicolas    (French)
Casa Napoli   (Italian)
Le Piment Rouge  (Szechuan)

Buona Notte (Italian/Contemporary)
Globe      (Fusion/Californian)
Chez Queux    (French)
Med Grill       (Contemporary)
Cafe Cherrier (French Bistro/Cafe)

Schwartz's (Classic Deli)
Pizzeria Napoletana (Italian/Pizza)
New Tripolis (Greek Seafood/Meat)
Le Roi du Plateau( Portuguese/Chicken)
Restaurant Bâton Rouge  (Ribs)
Grand Bayou Cafe (American/Cajun)


Moishes Steakhouse
Moishe's Steakhouse is the epitome of elegance, and one trip to this famous restaurant on The Main will make you understand why.  The dining room is decorated in luxurious wooden textures with numerous wine racks in full display, and is filled with the sweet sounds of classical music. Without being overbearing, the music adds a touch of refinement aptly befitting this upscale eatery. Diners are encouraged to sample one of Moishe's famous steaks. Grilled to heavenly perfection on special hardwood charcoal, they have an out-of-this-world taste, In fact, 'tender' and 'succulent' don't begin to describe steaks that will delight even the most sophisticated palate.  For those with an aversion to red meat, Moishe's other specialities include chicken and fresh fish, also grilled on hardwood charcoal. Moishe's Steakhouse is a veritable feast for the senses and is guaranteed to leave you satisfied. This is a popular spot for Montreal diners, so be sure to reserve first if you want to get a table.
3961 St Laurent
Montreal, QC H2W 1Y4 T: 514 845-3509

The freshest, most flavorful fish, vegetables and fruits, prepared in the subtlest way and served in an elegant, spacious setting, is why Milo's has become of one of Montreal's most lauded restaurant. Costas Spiliadis, owner/chef, is continuing the standard of excellence he began in Montreal, where he opened the original Milo’s, now a landmark. Patrons can choose their fish from an abundant market display and watch it swiftly grilled in the open kitchen. Feast on savory, yet simple dishes and enjoy impeccable service - all in classic Greek tradition
5357 ave. du Parc (between St-Viateur and Fairmount)
Montreal, QC H2V 4G9
Tel: 514.272.3522     

Caprices de Nicolas
Since 1996, Les Caprices de Nicolas, located in the heart of downtown Montreal, has served original and innovative cuisine.
In fact, the rarest and most sought after ingredients such as white truffles and France's gilthead sea bream are included in the preparation of its unique and refined meals. For example, the menu sometimes offers roasted guinea fowl in a truffle and cep sauce or Arctic char in an oyster vinaigrette. It should be noted that the foie gras, prepared in a variety of ways, is one of the house specialities The cheese plate is exceptional, offering 20 fresh cheeses chosen according to taste! Even the home-made pies, ice creams and ices change daily. The restaurant is discretely housed in a semi-basement and is divided into three rooms accommodating 60 people. The lush indoor garden and art gallery displaying many paintings are but a few of the inspired touches in this  The remarkable wine list, comprised of 700, mostly French titles, is the pride of the sommeliers.
2072, rue Drummond
Montreal, QC H3G 1W9
T: (514) 282-9790

Casa Napoli
The "granddaddy of Montreal's Italian restaurants", Casa Napoli has been a must-visit for visiting international personalities for over thirty years. Casa Napoli offer a wealth of excellent veal dishes, seafood specialties, steaks to die for, pasta dishes that are celebrated far and wide and an extensive selection of Italian wines to choose from. Walk into the grandeur of ancient Roman times amidst Roman arches, stucco walls and elaborate glass chandeliers in the heart of Montreal's "Little Italy".
6728 Blvd. St-Laurent
Montreal, Qc, H2S 3C7

Le Piment Rouge
Szechuan cuisine is now the most popular Chinese cuisine in many parts of the world. In Montreal, Le Piment Rouge has what many would describe as the best Szechuan menu in town. The place has an enormous tower of wine bottles in the centre of the dining area that will please the wine tasters.
Featuring a mouth watering selection of tasty Szechuan dishes prepared under the tutelage of head chef, one of the most requested items on the menu continues to be their General Tao chicken served with a special homemade sauce. A favorite haunt for local area businessmen, politicians and even the odd movie star, this restaurant's selling point remains its critically acclaimed Szechuan dishes. (located In 'Le Windsor' building)
1170 rue Peel
Montréal, QC H3B 4P2


Buona Notte
Buona Notte is unquestionably one of Montreal's trendiest restaurants. Located in the heart of hip Saint Laurent Boulevard, it's more than a restaurant: it's an experience! From Wednesday to Saturday until the wee hours of the morning, DJs play the latest musical sounds as well as classical airs. In this mosaic of styles and moods, everything converges to engender pleasure and the stimulation of every sense, beginning with taste. Featured entrees, such as the octopus marinated in olive oil and the lemon and figs roasted with prosciutto, set the tone. Diners can then order one of the chef's numerous nightly creations: egg tagliatelle, scampi and asparagus bisque, veal in an orange sauce, or grilled filet mignon. The young and energetic St-Laurent crowd usually meet for happy hour before enjoying a meal that can go on forever thanks to the DJs' cool rhythms.
3518 St Laurent
Montreal, QC H2X 2V1
514 848-0644

Fancy a Clementine Highball? A Vodka Mint Julep? Or maybe a Bellini Clementine? Original cocktails exquisitely poured are the name of the Globe game – a swanky restaurant-bar for a thirty-something crowd of semi-suburban hipsters. Cool and cosy, tucked away on Saint-Laurent, the kitchen specialises in healthy home cooked meals that are perfect for winter: rabbit stews, baby back ribs, roasted free-range chicken - all served with organic vegetables. The red-velvet banquettes, lush potted plants and frosted light fixtures add to the warm and stylish retro feel. But it’s those gorgeous drinks that will have you coming back for more. Staff mix up a range of classics plus a selection of specials. Our favourite: that Clementine Highball, a mix of fresh clementines, vodka, crushed mint and ginger beer. Why not go Globe-al.
3455 Blvd St Laurent
Montreal, QC
514 284 3823

Chez Queux
In 1862, architect Henri-Maurice Perrault was commissioned by Mayor Wilson to erect a majestic building that, since 1973, has housed Chez Queux, one of Montreal's most renowned French restaurants. This European-style establishment resembles a medieval castle with its brick and cobblestone walls, fireplace, metal grates and arches, stained-glass windows, imposing chandeliers, and velvet curtains, with the maitre d', pianist and sophisticated waiters completing the aristocratic ambiance. Surprisingly, prices are quite reasonable. The table d'hote varies but beware the wine, which is priced at $50 to $ 2,500 per bottle. As for the menu, it features delectable dishes which the King of France's master chef might well have prepared: grilled venison chops in a Port sauce, roasted duck in a thyme and caramelized pepper sauce; sweetbread pastry in a maple vinaigrette served with lentils and baby vegetables. Every meal is worthy of a king and the desserts are equally regal. The terrace overlooking the Old Port opens May 1st. Guests can eat and drink late into the night seven days a week. In addition to its romantic dinners, Chez Queux also offers an express lunch, power breakfast and Sunday brunch.
158, rue Saint-Paul Est
Montreal, QC H2Y 1G6
T: (514) 866-5194

Med Grill
The Med Grill, one of Montreal's newest supper clubs where dining gives way to dancing (sometimes literally on the tables), sits smack on the border of the French and Anglo city sections. The club was designed by Miguel Cancio Martins (late of Buddha Bar and Man Ray in Paris), with red window lights, an interior that recalls a scarlet-walled Hobbit hole, a sleek bar of amber marble, and arched ceilings hung with mushroomlike light fixtures. The eccentric crowd is more adult than those who congregate in the city's vaulted discos, but still, even on subzero winter nights, Med Grill denizens shed long coats to reveal sexy dresses, short skirts, and flowing silk shirts. Standout cocktails include the Lusty Med-tini, named for its passion fruit base.
3500 blvd. St-Laurent,
Montréal, QC

Cafe Cherrier
Since 1931, Cafe Cherrier has earned a reputation as one of the best taverns in the plateau Mont-Royal district thanks to one of the friendliest atmospheres around. The lush mood is set with its bistro-style tables and pleasant Latino-Jazz background music. At the long zinc snack counter, solitary diners or hurried patrons can also order a quick bite for lunch. Alexandra, the chef, is constantly updating the menu, which consists of fresh ingredients cooked to perfection. Why not start out with a sampler plate followed by the beef flank and shallots, or try out another Cherrier tradition, a simple rump steak. Wash it all down with a good bottle of wine from Jean-Pierre Blain's selection, then enjoy the demoiselles Tatin pie for dessert. As you might imagine, the clientele has remained loyal, especially the baby boomers, and show-biz, media, and sports celebrities are often sighted. This is a great place to top off a night out at the theatre or the movies. Children are best brought for the week-end brunch. Prices are relatively reasonable from breakfast to dinner, so by all means, check it out!
3635, rue Saint-Denis
Montreal, QC H2X 3L6
Phone:    (514) 843-4308


Schwartz's was founded in 1927 by Reuben Schwartz, a Jewish immigrant from Romania, and our restaurant has been in the same location ever since, on boulevard Saint-Laurent, where it is now tucked in around funky storefronts and trendy boutiques. The restaurant is a single white-tiled room containing several rows of long narrow tables. Come and enjoy a unique experience. We've protected our tradition for over 75 years by maintaining the standards of old. Unlike other smoked-meat purveyors, who add chemicals to their briskets, Schwartz's prepares smoked meat the old-fashioned way using a secret blend of fine herbs and spices marinated for 10 days. Our smoked meat is smoked daily and contains no preservatives; just the award winning taste and freshness that have brought celebrities from all around the world to our tables. So sit back and enjoy. You never know who you might see..
3895 Saint-Laurent Boulevard
Montreal, QC H2W 1X9
T:514 842-4813

Pizzeria Napoletana
Some places just smack of contentment and good times; Pizzeria Napoletana, at the corner of two quiet streets in Little Italy, is one of them. Stop by for a bite on a summer afternoon after a visit to nearby Jean-Talon market, to enjoy a leisurely lunch on the terrace, or to dine in the lively dining room under painted murals. But be prepared to share tables at dinner since peak hours are always a family affair. The true stars of the Napoletana menu are the Italian-style pizzas: every variety of thin crust gourmet pies, from the traditional Margherita to some wildly fancy seafood numbers. For diners with soul pasta in mind, the pasta menu offers a reasonable alternative, the tasty Penne Rosee. The oven varieties such as the Lasagna and Canneloni, are especially satiating for ravenous guests. Napoletana is a great place to bring the whole family so they can see what authentic Pizza really tastes like. The hustle and bustle will keep the kids entertained and everyone will feel part of the action.
189, rue Dante, Montreal, QC H2S 1K1   T:514 276-8226


New Tripolis
New Tripolis, is a 24-hour greek restaurant deep in the heart of Park Ex that certainly wouldn’t be mistaken for an Italian joint. All manner of fish, seafood and marinated meats are on display behind a glass-fronted counter near the open kitchen. From the ocean, choices include squid, whole red snapper, whiting and sardines, most of which usually look like they’ve just come from the fishmonger next door. The grilled octopus, in particular, rivals what you’d find in fancier places. Overall, this place is a paradise for anyone who’s been sweating it out on the nightshift or on the dancefloor. It offers the kind of full, freshly cooked meals you’d think you’d only ever be able to find during regular dining hours.
679 St Roch St
Montreal, QC H3N1L2 T: (514) 277-4689 

Le Roi du Plateau
The King of Portuguese grilled chicken! In a casual dining room decked out with wooden panelling and soccer paraphernalia, this family-run churrascaria is often filled to the brim with enthusiastic patrons. Fuelled by meaty meals and carafes of house wine, the ambiance is free-flowing and celebratory. A strolling guitarist adds to the atmosphere, serenading the tables with songs from faraway locales. Hot off the grill. The vibrant atmosphere heats up even more with the food, delivered by knowledgeable but no-nonsense servers. Caldo verde, a traditional soup from Portugal made with kale, creates a mild appetizer. It can be followed by a copious helping of grilled chicken, which warms the stomach even further when brushed with hot sauce for an extra piquancy.
51, rue Rachel Ouest
Montreal, QC H2W1G2
T: (514) 844-8393

Restaurant Bâton Rouge
Boasting a wonderful view of Place des Arts, this Complexe Desjardins restaurant offers Louisiana and Cajun-style barbecue grills such as spare ribs, shrimps and steak. Its generous servings are offered with a slew of side dishes such as fries, baked potatoes, hot cinnamon apple sauce, and salads. In the summer, its terrace overlooking Sainte-Catherine Street provides a lovely view of the city and is very popular, especially during festivals. Inside, the mood is sombre and quite intimate considering its size, low ceilings, and many tables and leather booths. Baton Rouge is divided into small sections, including a bar reminiscent of a comfortable Irish pub. With its formula of generous meals served in a popular setting, this American-style eatery appeals to tourists and is an ideal pre-show destination for locals.
160 Ste Catherine West
Montreal, QC H2X 3Y2 (514) 282-7444

Grand Bayou Cafe Bar
The Grand Bayou Cafe Bar is a cajun restaurant created with the best of American food and dining traditions. The cuisine is straight-forward, presented in a casual, comfortable, yet energized atmosphere. Located in the famous plateau district of Montreal and is walking distance from downtown. The Grand Bayou Cafe Bar is also close to shopping, the metro/subway, the underground city, and more!
12 Rachel Street West
Montreal, QC. H2W 1G1    
T:514 284-2804